RasPi Direct Hardware Access
Integrated peripheral access without operating system drivers.
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Raspberry Pi Direct Hardware Access

This is a light-weight library for easy access to the Raspberry Pi's integrated peripherals. It can be used from user mode as well as from kernel mode, and it works fine from a real-time context of one of the real-time Linux patches like Xenomai. It even works when doing bare-metal programming. Note that this library does not handle the on-board LAN chip of Model B RasPis. That one is accessed through USB.

The latest version can be obtained via GitHub: https://github.com/offis/raspi-directhw

File Structure

raspi/hw.h contains base register declarations, most importantly HW. Many registers are specified down to the individual register bit.

It also contains helper functions for GPIO and system timer access. raspi/uart.h, raspi/spi.h, and raspi/spisl.h contain more hardware helpers.


In order to use this API, you need to include raspi/hw.c in (exactly) one of your source files. There are no C files to compile, and thus no libraries to link. Everything is small enough to use inline static declarations efficiently.

If running in user mode you need to call raspi_map_hw() at the start of your program. After initialization, HW is the single entry point to all registers.

A final warning: Always use memory_barrier() in appropriate places, no matter what you use, API helpers or direct register access.

See Modules for an API overview and gpio_test.c for a basic code example.


Copyright (c) 2013 OFFIS e.V.

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